Paper Chemicals

Paper Chemicals

Comprehensive Range of Paper Chemicals: Quality, Efficiency, and Innovation

At OWE New Materials, we offer a diverse portfolio of specialized paper chemicals designed to optimize various aspects of paper production.

All items are engineered for high performance, ease of use, and compatibility with existing systems.

Paper chemicals

Hydrogen Peroxide stabilizer(no phosphate)

Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer is designed to optimize the bleaching process. It enhances the stability and efficacy of hydrogen peroxide, resulting in brighter and more consistent paper quality. Additionally, it helps in reducing the overall chemical consumption, making the process more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Paper chemicals


    Scale inhibitors are engineered to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits in papermaking systems. This not only ensures seamless operations but also extends the lifespan of your machinery.

    By reducing maintenance downtime, our scale inhibitors contribute to overall operational efficiency.

Paper chemicals

Chelating dispersant agent

    Chelating Dispersant Agent is a specialized chemical formulation designed to tackle the challenges of scale and deposit formation in various industrial processes.

    This high-performance agent offers a dual-action solution that not only disperses existing deposits but also chelates metal ions, preventing the formation of new scale.

Paper chemicals

Pulp descaling Agent

    Pulping Descaling Agent is a specialized formulation that effectively removes scale and other unwanted residues from pulping equipment.

    By improving the cleanliness of your systems, it enhances operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, and ultimately contributes to higher-quality paper production..

Paper chemicals

AKD Wax Powder

    AKD Wax Powder is a premium sizing agent that offers superior water resistance to paper products.

    It is formulated to maintain the natural texture and appearance of paper, making it ideal for high-quality printing and packaging applications.


Each of these products is rigorously tested to ensure high performance, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of papermaking processes. By choosing OWE New Materials, you’re opting for a holistic solution that addresses all your paper chemical needs, ensuring quality, efficiency, and sustainability at every stage of your operations.

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