Foam control solution for Metallurgy Industry
How to choose

Defoamer for Metallurgy industry

    In the Metallurgy industry, particularly in

 the Bayer process for alumina refinery production, a large amount of foam is produced during the dilution and red mud separation process after the slurry is leached.

    The red mud separation section contains sodium silicate slag and iron oxides, which make the foam in the system stable. Additionally, the iron in the system forms fine iron mineral particles with a size below 3μm, which are difficult to remove, leading to suspended solids and further increasing the stability of the foam. The use of flocculants also increases foam stability.

     Foam can affect the efficiency of red mud separation and even cause environmental pollution due to foam overflow. 

    Excessive foam can lead to operational inefficiencies, safety risks, and compromised product quality.

Therefore, it is necessary to use defoamers to eliminate and control the foam.

How to choose defoamer for metallugry?

Why Defoamers are Necessary

  1. Operational Efficiency: Foam can cause overflows and slow down the separation processes, affecting production rates.

  2. Safety: Excessive foam can lead to spills and overflows, posing safety hazards in the workplace.

  3. Product Quality: Foam can interfere with the purity and quality of metals and metal oxides like aluminum oxide.

How to Use Defoamers in Metallurgy Segments

  1. Aluminum Oxide Production: During the Bayer process, defoamers can be added to control foam in the digestion and clarification stages, ensuring high-purity aluminum oxide.

  2. Smelting: In smelting operations, defoamers can be added to slag to improve the efficiency of metal recovery.

  3. Electrolytic Processes: Defoamers can be used in electrolytic cells to prevent foam formation, which can interfere with the electrical conductivity and metal deposition rates.

By incorporating defoamers into these critical stages, the Metallurgy industry can significantly enhance operational efficiency, safety, and product quality. Choose OWE New Materials’ defoamers for reliable and efficient foam control in all your metallurgical processes.

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